Application Areas

The laser marking system MiniMarker can be used in many areas of industry and economy (e. g. for business gifts, industrial applications or for jewellers’ goods).

Business gifts:

Business gifts can be marked with decorative or informative engravings. On surfaces made of stainless steel coloured markings can be achieved. You can produce individual honour or memorial plaques, goblets etc.

Industrial application area:

Industrial products can be engraved with company logos, item numbers, technical information and specifications, identifiers, barcodes, consecutive numbering, current time and date. Moreover it may be used for engraving scales.
Laser markings are commonly applied to keyboards, covers, housings, buttons, instruments, plaques, lead seals. Special foils can be used for durable labelling.

Jewellery application area:

Jewellers use the MiniMarker to engrave names or other decorations in rings and other jeweller manufactured goods. Other examples of engravings are congratulations or memorizing inscriptions.