Bedienungsoberfläche von SinMark

Software SinMark

SinMarkTM software consists of four basic utilities:

The marker is intended to control a marking system during the marking process.
The editor is intended to prepare marking programs for marker utility.
The previewer displays files of service formats as images.
The monitor is intended to test marking systems, to diagnose their errors and to set operation parameters.

Some tools:

  • The diagnostic system can monitor conditions of a system while it works, analyse causes of unhooking, detect situations leading to spoilage.
  • Multipass is multiply repeated marking of one image on different modes.
  • Serial mode is used if the system is exploited in an automated line or in a driven mode.
  • A wizard imports graphics from file formats: BITMAP/PCX/Vectors from HPGL/2 (PLT) and AutoCAD (DXF).
  • Users may create their own vector fonts.