Standard Configuration

MiniMarker F10 and F20

The laser marking system MiniMarker is available in 2 versions:

  • MiniMarker F10 – fibre laser, max. laser output power: 10 W
  • MiniMarker F20 – fibre laser, max. laser output power: 20 W

The standard configuration of both versions is:

  • Power supply and laser control unit
  • Marking unit
  • Software SinMarkTM
  • Scanner with objective lens (marking field 100х100mm)
  • T-slots worktop
  • Manually operated z-axis
  • Technical documentation

In addition you need a PC with an USB interface and Windows operating system for the proper operation of the fibre laser, which we would be glad to offer you at your request.

Beside this standard configuration the MiniMarker fibre lasers can be integrated in external working processes, such as marking-in-motion, circular marking, extended marking field and so on.