Fibre Lasers

The laser marking system MiniMarker is one of the fibre lasers which enable you to create precise laser images. The fibre laser is easy to handle (also the machine care) and does not waste any materials. It ensures you a steady and durable work, especially for the industrial use.

Its design/construction allows you a flexible handling. It is possible at any time to satisfy the technical needs of the producers by technical adaption.

These characteristics make the laser very popular among its users: both big and small businesses. Have a look at the standard configuration.

The laser marking system MiniMarker is a modern, highly technological laser marking system that is extremely handy and mobile. Check the technical data for details.

The software SinMarktm makes the usage easy and reliable. The marking programme is developed quick and simple. Moreover it controls the marking process continuously.

The laser system MiniMarker is particularly suitable for the marking of:

The MiniMarker offers the possibility of multicolour marking on straight stainless steel and titanium. It creates incomparable colourful pictures.